Life time of a Trainer. 9th May 2014. 1360km travelled.

Hi Guys,

Quote; Everyone who has run knows its most important value is removing tension. Jimmy Carter, former US President. Runners World, April 2014!

Well the reason I am writing about this topic today, is because my trusty Nike Pegasus trainers have nearly finished their life, a hole has nearly gone right through, on my right toe, and it got me wondering about everything, which has  happened  in my trainer’s lifetime.

1; How many runs have these trainers actually got me through. So, so many good runs, in sun, wind, rain, and snow, every sort of weather and they have just kept on going. And some good races too.

2; How many people have I met on my runs. Well I have met some weird and interesting people, people who , if I had just sat inside watching television, playing on the computer, I would have never have met, had a moan with, had a laugh with , and generally on a bad day just  cheered each other up and encouraged each other. Also shared tips with one another.

3; Also how many thoughts have gone through my head in this time. How many problems in my life have been solved while out running. How many bad moods have been calmed by going out running in this time! Well in all honesty without my trainers and my runs, I would have been a very moody, snappy person. My runs have always sorted my head out, ready for the day ahead.

4; Would I have dealt with my kids, so well without running. Believe me in the life time of these trainers, my kids have been trying, however I like to think with running and rowing, I have dealt with these problems in a much calmer way. ( They will probably so disagree with that ! )

5;How many fun things have happened in my trainers life, and how many heart breaking things have happened. Plenty of both I can assure you, but exercise has helped enormously in the bad times, and helped to heal a few heart breaking moments too.


So all in all I have had some really good times in my trainers, and it always makes me so sad, when another pair of trainers are off to trainer heaven. Days I will never ever get back, how many years younger I was when I first put on those trainers. So I would like to say Thank You Trainers for some wonderful years, and onto my next Pegasus Trainers, lets hope we compile some wicked memories too!

So long Trainers!!!!!

As Always Keep Rowing Yours Lizzie!!




April 21st 2014. 1104km travelled. Take care of yourself!

Hi Guys,

Quote; Every morning in Africa, a gazelle wakes up.It knows it must outrun the fastest lion or it will be killed. Every morning in Africa , a lion wakes up. It knows it must run faster than the slowest gazelle  or it will starve. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a lion or a gazelle , when the sun comes up, you’d better be running . Sir Roger Bannister.

Well hope you all had brilliant Easter Breaks.

Well today I am going to talk about taking care of yourself  , whilst running in all weathers. Running can be a disaster, for your skin, face and hair.

I know you will think this is a bit of a girlie subject, but guys this can apply to you as well.

First, sunglasses. Now I always thought when I saw people running in sunnies, they looked like they were posers , however on a serious matter they really do protect the health of your eyes. They protect your retinas, and you can get eye cancer, because of the damage the sun can do to your eyes.

Also, on the vain side, sunglasses do protect you against winkles, and skin damage, so go and get yourselves a good fitting pair of sunnies.

Second, your face. In the day and whilst running always wear a good sun cream. I always wear factor 30 and above, never any lower and that is in the winter as well as the summer, in fact all year round.

Then at night , I put on some bio- oil, or  just plain old Nivea. I have used expensive creams and cheaper creams and I found no difference in them at all.

Now my latest find is epsom salts. It is meant to be very good for aching muscles. I have used it a few times, and it seems quite nice and makes your skin soft, so I will keep using it and see how it goes.

Now for hair. My latest thing is using a silk  pillow case, and this really does work. Since using one I have not woken up with big frizzy hair, it is quite smooth, and I would never get rid of it now I have started using it, also it is meant to be good for your skin, as it does not absorb moisture from your face.

Hope this helps in keeping  you all looking  beautiful !

So as always Keep Rowing Yours Lizzie !




9th April 2014 1078km Travelled. Identify yourself!

Hi Guys,

Quote; Love all, Trust a few, do wrong to none. ( William Shakespeare).

Well just a quick little one today, but something I think is very important. Recently , close to where I run, a middle aged man was found dead .

However, it took a while for him to be identified because he had no ID on him.

I have read about this before,  so now I carry a piece of card on me, ( which I keep meaning to laminate), with my Name, Address, and contact telephone number on it. I know this is a bit of a morbid blog, however it could be the difference,( if the worst happens),for your family to get to you before anything happens.

So guys, please just slip your details into your pocket today.

Well as always Keep Rowing Yours Lizzie!

March 31st 2014. 1006km rowed ! Blood pressure in children!!!

Hi Guys,

Quote; You are never too old to set another goal or dream a new dream !( C S Lewis, Runner’s World March 2014).

Well I have done over 1000km, and I am quite pleased with that , however only another, 8290km to go, to reach my goal, will I be able to do it, who knows, it is  just good to be aiming for something!

Today I just have to write about this topic. Can you believe, that I know of a child who is six years old,and whom has high blood pressure.

Now this is due to being overweight  by quite a bit, however what else is causing high blood pressure in children.

Well I know I have mentioned this before, but I really believe it is because there is so little exercise in schools. Whenever I talk to children in the school where I work, and they have PE, most of them are moaning about it, well I am not that old , but when I was at school we absolutely loved PE, it was the best lesson of the week; and we did not have one lesson a week, we had several lessons a week, and I can say with my hand on my heart, there were very few overweight  children.

Also where I work, after Easter the netball club is to be replaced by ICT club. Now I know netball is a winter sport in most schools, but could netball not be replaced with a summer sport; or why does netball have to be classed as a winter sports, please teachers keep these kids moving, don’t replace sport with a sedentary lesson.

Most of the children I know have computers at home, and play on these when they get home; they no longer play outside;  they go home and play on their I Pads etc, so we need sports in school otherwise high blood pressure will be common in young children, and this is tragic.

What quality of life will these children have as adults, it is just so worrying ! And it is not just high blood pressure to worry about but a whole host of  other nasties; diabetes, being just one of them, and that is a very nasty condition; it has so many complications, it affects every part  of your body.

So if you are reading this, and your child is sat at a computer playing games, maybe when the sun is shining, grab your coats and get out on your bikes, on your roller skates , just get your children out and about,  even grab a football and have a kick about, everyone can afford that, you have no excuses, or just sit there and give your child the best chance of getting some nasty condition!

And the best thing is, you will lose weight, and your children will sleep like little logs!  Just give your kids the best chance in life, health wise.

Well as always guys Keep Rowing Yours Lizzie!





22nd March 2014. 930km Travelled. Concept 2 online log book discovery!

Hi Guys,

Quote; Jogging is very beneficial. It’s good for your legs and for your feet. It’s also very good for the ground. It makes it feel needed !

( Charles M Schulz, Snoopy creator. Taken from Runner’s World. Feb 2014 )

Well guys, just a quick little blog today, I have discovered the Concept 2 online log book. Oh, its brilliant.

You can log all your rowing distances, in the time you have done it in, you can see how well you are doing alongside people of the same sort of age and weight.

It also gives you ideas about what distances you can do, for example a marathon. Well, I have never thought about doing a rowing marathon, I always associate marathons  with running, however when I have some spare time, I really want to give it a go.

Maybe I will try a half marathon to begin with, and see how that goes, so will keep you updated  on this.

So guys, if you have a spare few minutes, log on and have a look, maybe one day you will see me on the marathon section, don’t go on to soon for that though, have to pluck up the courage to under take that one !

( By the way if you were wondering, a marathon is 42,195m so may take a while .)

Well guys as always, Keep Rowing Yours Lizzie !

13 March 2014. 869km Travelled. Good bye to Friends !

Hi Guys,

Quote; Pain is just weakness leaving the body!(Runner’s World March 2014 )

Well sorry I have not written for ages, writing a Blog is very hard sometimes, I just run out of ideas, so well done guys for your blogs, because it is hard.

Well recently my weight has just become static, no matter what I am doing it just stays the same, and I have found the reason why.

From about December, I have not been listening to music when I run or row. Now the reason why, is because with a hat on it was just getting so annoying trying to fit my earphones on underneath it, it was so uncomfortable. Now the weight thing was not a problem with the running, I do believe running is one of the best fat burners; no the problem is the rower, I will explain.

I have my rower in the cellar, along side a dvd player, so have been watching my very favourite, box set of Friends, hence the title tonight.

However yesterday I brought a new CD, Now Running 2014, and put it onto my MP3, which has been in the drawer since Christmas Day.

So I have said farewell to Friends, and today rowed with music for the first time in ages, and that is when  you realise, how slow you have been rowing.

All Winter I have been frozen in my cellar, and just put it down to the cold weather, NO, I had just been so lazy, I had not worked up any speed, because believe me I was boiling today, and sweating ( like you should be ).

So today, I fell back in love with rowing,(  its not the sport that does not burn calories, its the lazy person! )

Another brilliant thing, some of the songs were quite old, so I finished rowing feeling 10 years younger , because they took me back to another time and place.

Today I also found something I had missed, music makes you feel so good, and somehow you do not feel so tired and you do not feel so much pain while you are exercising.

So it’s goodbye dvd’s , and I will keep my eyes out for another good CD.

So guys, if your feeling a little sluggish, turn the music up, and feel young again !

Well as always guys Keep Rowing Yours Lizzie !

Feb 26th 2014. 743km travelled. Older people falling in this wet weather !

Hi Guys,

Quote; Do what you think is right !

Well had to talk about this subject, as I have heard of older people falling a lot in this very wet weather ,we have had.

I know a lady in her sixties, who still runs ( just hope I am at that age, so well done her ), however just lately she has fallen twice in a matter of weeks.

Now she is very active, but because she has  repeatedly fallen, she has now lost her confidence, and either swims or goes to the gym; which I find very sad, because she loved running outside.

Now I know a lot of people love the gym, however if you are an outdoors kind of person like myself, nothing quite compares to outside exercise.

So then I asked to look at her trainers, just interested in what kind of sole they had; and we solved the problem. Because she goes to the gym and runs outside, she had been wearing her gym trainers outside, and the grip was rubbish, for outside running in the winter.

The problem being her daughter advises her on her trainers, and she obviously had not thought about grip for  running outside, and I think the lady was too polite to question her on this, so wore them regardless.

So this applies to everyone not just to the older runners, check the grip on your trainers. Is it suitable for running outside; I love Nike Pegasus and the trail ones if you can track them down, I have even converted my husband to them!

Now this brings me on to my next moan, and that is; the poor service you can get in running/sports shops. I recently went to one at Blue Water shopping centre, and asked if they had any Nike compression socks. Now if you run a lot and are slightly older, you will know how brilliant these are to wear;  only I was told by the shop assistant, ” there is not enough demand for them ,so we have not got any in stock “.

Then she promptly went on talking to her shop friends. Yeah cause they are the people paying your wages, no that would be the customer!!!

What are you talking about, of course there is demand, if she knew anything, it was because Nike were bringing out new ones, and were just restocking. So in the end I brought them on line.

Now what if I was asking for advice about trainers, would they give me the right advice. I know they have Nike training, or are meant too but sometimes experience is everything.

Now while I am moaning about shops, I went into my local Sports Direct shop, and asked for some Nike Pegasus trainers; the guy was so helpful, had a lot of knowledge on running , but told me because there is no demand or very little demand for actual running trainers in my area, they only stock very few running trainers, how mad is this, how do you encourage people to exercise if they cannot buy the kit locally!!

Only where demand is high, will they stock a good choice of  trainers ! Come on shops stock what we actually need.

So remember guys, if you go into a shop and they cannot give you the advice you need, walk out and take your money to a shop that can be bothered with you and give you the advice you need, this way some of the larger stores will stop giving us such poor service !

Well as always Guys, Keep Rowing Yours Lizzie!